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**Currently the only way to preorder the game is through itch.io. You will still receive the digital soundtrack for free, just like kickstarter backers!

**Content warning at the bottom!

The Second Demo (2019) Features:

  • Completely brand new scenes for each love interest + CGs
  • New UI, new music, autoplay function
  • 7 CGs 
  • Bonus art!

You do not need to play the first demo to understand this one. Made in preparation for PAX West 2019, the second demo is intended to be a much shorter play through than the first demo, and showcases scattered snippets of events beyond the first demo. Go on a museum sorta-date, bake cookies, woo a cat, and offer to be a blood bag because at least that way you won't be alone. 

Make sure to unzip the .zip files and extract them before trying to run the game! For Mac, if you're having trouble running it, try dragging the executable directly into Terminal.) While there is an Android version provided by request, it's not indicative of a final product and may have glitches and heavy memory cost, and we recommend a computer version to play instead. If you have any tech problems or feedback, comment below or email us at olivinearc@gmail.com ♡

The First Demo Features:

  • 60k+ words total
  • 6 "routes" + 4 unique endings
  • Rated 17+ for mature language and topics (see end of info for spoilers)
  • 1 CG (it's Madison's, but you can play any route)

Halloween is the perfect time to have fun, dress up, and not notice anything odd about the fangs in a hot stranger's mouth. And honestly?  Diana is here for all of that. Unsatisfied with her social, romantic, and academic life, she figures she can at least solve the first two at the party she's been invited to.

Instead, she ends up breaking her heels, making bad puns, taking cute photos, playing matchmaker, and fighting for attention from the obligatory party cat throughout the night before everything goes horribly, horribly wrong. Because, well. Something has to give besides the heels.

Softly, With Teeth as a whole is a coming-of-age romance visual novel that combines vampires with Faustian lore and an urban fantasy aesthetic, and explores the aftermath of someone's life once even the most significant of changes settle into routine. People always desire more than what they have, after all, but what lengths will they go to to achieve it?

For all demos, all assets including art, music, and choreography may (and have) change at a later time. A list of known bugs is here.


This game is about vampires. Demo includes drinking, innuendo, blood and violence (vampire bite), discussion of non-consent relating to vampire bite, occasional situations where protagonist is distinctly and rightfully uncomfortable, but also a consensual bite too.

Kickstarter Ended: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/483356923/softly-with-teeth-a-vampire-otome...

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date Oct 27, 2018
AuthorStudio Chiffon
GenreVisual Novel
Made withMonoGame
Tagsbisexual, Comedy, drama, Fantasy, Halloween, Romance, Vampire, Yuri
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Pre-order Now$20.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. You will get access to the following files when they are released:

Full Game

Download demo

2019 Halloween Demo Windows64 192 MB
2019 Halloween Demo Mac 193 MB
2019 Halloween Demo Linux 193 MB
2019 Halloween Demo Windows32 190 MB
2019 Halloween Demo Android 284 MB
2018 Halloween Demo All 256 MB

Development log


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Eeeeh, I think i can put it in my "dead project" collection...

You shouldn't! :) We just keep updates to the kickstarter backers, we had an update last week.



So happy to hear this! Thanks for the heads up ^^ 

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i can't figure out how to run the 2018 demo on mac, any tips/clearer instructions?

Any news on this game ?


So excited for this game; I keep checking to see if there's any news - where can we find updates on the game?


Such a lovely demo can't wait for more! <3


the art is pretty but the mc is... very basic.


Absolutely loved the demo, beautiful artwork and colors. When is the full game being realesed?


Thank you! We're aiming for late-summer or fall next year!


Ah thank you I absolutely love your demo and plan on buying the full game.Hope you have a great day/night.