Version 2 (git fbf88b3c)

Hi! This is Realga, the programmer for Studio Chiffon. I've published an update to the demo just now that fixes some bugs and a few typos. It also contains the crash hotfix from yesterday that wasn't logged here, but was on Twitter. Here's the changelog for v2 (git fbf88b3c):

  • Fixed a crash during Charlotte scene 1 (this was in yesterday's hotfix, but this build has it too).
  • Fixed Madison's scene in the car playing Forrest's at the end, instead of going to the end of the scene.
  • Fixed Charlotte scene 1 using the wrong intro if you started it after viewing Everard scene 1.
  • Fixed the good ending of Everard's route not having a screen stating as such.
  • Added an option in the pause menu to return to the title screen at any time.
  • Fixed Yvonne and Forrest always appearing in a specific text box during the post-bite scene.
  • Fixed various instances of text in dialogue boxes clipping the edges of their boxes.
  • Removed empty Forrest text boxes during the car scene.
  • Fixed incorrect accent marks on instances of the word "café."
  • Fixed other assorted typos.
    •  In particular, fixed strange typos in Everard scene 3 such as "dad jokaye."


Halloween 2018 Demo (All Versions) 85 MB
Version 2 Oct 29, 2018
Prologue Demo (Mac) 84 MB
Version 2 Oct 29, 2018
Prologue Demo (Linux) 89 MB
Version 2 Oct 29, 2018

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